Pan 360


Core Values

  • Friendship First 
  • Morale Values
  • Professional Pedagogy
  • Focus on Achievements

Philosophy & Characteristic

To Cultivate the high quality musical & art sense that create a well personality life.

We believe in music

Music heals the world. We make music that plays for every heart and soul. We communicate with music that celebrates our lives of dreams and hopes. Everything we experience can be understood through music.


Founded with the people in mind to create happiness, we work to enrich life beautiful for all


Every one are able to learn good musical instrument and lives enriching lives playing music in an exciting way.

Friendship First

We treat our customers close friends loving to share the joy of music and art through support them with our knowledge. 

Morale Value

We practice the value of Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy, Wisdom & Trustworthiness. 

Endeavoring sprit for music popularization

  • Education
  • Research of benefit
  • Graph 

International examination system

To nurture and constantly evaluate the student's progress to motivate them for better performance, we provide our students with examinations from the world-renowned authorities in music education
  • UK Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)
  • London College of Music (LCM)
  • Trinity College London
  • Rock and Pop Exam 

Global Art Programme

  • Foundation Course
  • Basic & Intermediate Course
  • Advanced Course

Music Courses For Everyone

Premier music programs that cater to all ages, genre with no music background needed to provide a wide range of music courses and skills that you need to make your musical dreams come true FAST!

Music Courses For Everyone

Age 5 Years and above
1) Classical Piano Course 
2) Adult Classical Piano Course 
3) Rock and Pop Piano
4) Fun Music Course
5) Electronic Keyboard
6) Classic Guitar Course